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Episode 8: Bad Bahaviour, D&D Boardgames

- Introduction & Yiffing - Bad Player Habits - Is that my Cue? - Recreating D & D in boardgames

Download (mp3 - 70MB - 1hr 42mins)

NB: Some minor Explicit Content

Music: Intermission by She (Chiptek) - A Windmill In Old Amsterdam by Ronnie Hilton


Episode 7: Strange RPGs & Co-operative Games

- Introduction - Strange RPGs - challenge Part 5 (Tigris & Euphrates) - Co-operative Boardgames

Download (mp3 - 75MB - 1hr 49mins)

Music: Intermission by Her (Chiptek) - Flash by Queen



Episode 6: Top 10s and History

- Introduction & Letter - Top 10 lists of '08 - not ours! - challenge Part 4 (Caylus) - RPGs in unusual historical periods

Download (mp3 - 57MB - 1hr 21mins)

Music: Intermission by Her (Chiptek) - Liberty Bell March (Sousa) [which is NOT a national anthem]


Episode 5: Belated Christmas Special

- Introductory Ramble & Dicecon report - Christmas Games - challenge Part 3 (Race For The Galaxy) - Diceless RPGs

Download (mp3 - 60MB - 1hr 25mins)

Music: Intermission by Her (Chiptek)


Episode 4: When Games Go Bad

Intro - When Games Go Bad! - BoardGameGeek Challenge Part 2 - Games systems that just don't work
(Rebalancing the RPG side after last boardgame heavy episode)

Download (mp3 - 66MB - 1hr 36mins)

Music: Intermission by Her (Chiptek)


Episode 3: Essen Special

Essen Special

Download (mp3 - 66MB - 1hr 34mins)

Music: Intermission by Her (Chiptek)


Episode 2: We Are NEW!

Intro - Props For GMs - BoardGameGeek Challenge Part 1 - Board Game Etiquette

Download (mp3 - 46MB - 1hr 6mins)

Music: Coloris by Her


Episode 1: Not fit for human consumption

Burnt - lost forever